Race Online 2012 – how Microsoft is contributing

You’ve probably seen bits and pieces on Race Online 2012 over the past month or so but may not be fully aware of some of the initiatives in place to broaden digital inclusion. The Small Business household is fully immersed in the online world – the children have their own laptops and spend time on MSN, various i-players and Club Penguin, but they also learn an awful lot from it - from simple things like translating their French / German homework with IE8’s Bing Translator to learning about rainforest wildlife. But apparently 10 million people in the UK have never been online and of these, 4 million are the country’s most socially excluded. Hence Microsoft’s involvement as one of the official launch partners for Race Online 2010.


Led by the UK's Digital Champion, Martha Lane Fox, Race Online 2012 is challenging businesses to get the UK as close to 100% online as possible by the London Olympics. If we do, total benefits to the UK will be in excess of £22bn (based on analysis by PWC) and households could save £560 a year.


We’ve signed up to do our bit to impact the 10 million people in the UK who are currently offline, particularly the 4 million socially excluded. We’ve promised that:

  • Through our 'Britain Works' initiative we will encourage 250,000 people who are not currently online to get online over the next 12 months

  • Through our 'Britain Works' initiative we will enable 500,000 individuals to improve their digital skills by 2012

  • We will run a PASS IT ON campaign to our 32,000 partners to drive volunteering, host events, run PASS IT ON campaigns and communicate the Race Online 2012 message

  • We will run a campaign to our 700+ IT Academy partners encouraging them to become Race Online 2012 partners and help target the 4 million people who are digitally and socially excluded

  • We will promote our Charity offer to all Race Online 2012 partners who are eligible

  • We’re supporting this initiative in order to build a creative, connected, inspired and truly remarkable UK.

Read more on Microsoft’s involvement in Race Online 2012

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