Translate web pages instantly with Bing Translator

If you’re dealing with foreign companies (and Monday’s blog implies many of you are) you might find Bing Translator useful. It’s a free online language translation service for instant automatic translation of text and web pages, translating between many languages – not just French, German, Spanish etc, but also Chinese, Finniish, Hebrew and Thai for example, plus – as a consequence of the Haitian relief efforts – Haitian Creole.

It’s very easy to use – you simply type or paste text or a webpage URL that you want to translate, select your language and click on ‘translate’ – that’s it.


And if you’re selling to foreign countries you can add the Translator Widget to your site so users can see your pages in their own language, without having to go to a separate translation site. So if you’re sourcing suppliers, selling abroad, checking out the competition, or simply curious, try it out for yourself: Bing Translator  and Translator Widget.

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