Kids stuck at home? Keep them busy….

Is there a household in the country that hasn’t been affected by the snow? I doubt it. We’re on Snow Day #4 here, except for youngest whose school has managed to open for 2 of those. So what do you do with the kids when you’re trying to work and they’re bored because they can’t see their friends? Here are a few ideas:

  • Clear a table or bit or space outside and put some bird food out. I understand the birds are suffering at the moment so get the kids to grate some bread and some cheese; make some fat balls if possible; or put some peanuts out if you have them. Make sure the food is above ground so dogs / foxes / cats etc can’t get at it. RSPB for kids.

  • For the older, more IT-oriented children, why not get them to set up a website? It’s free, it will keep them interested and occupied for hours, plus it’s a great learning experience. Visit Office Live to find out more. . You don’t have to make it live if you don’t want to, but you could post pictures of the snow in your area, and email (you get that free too, with Office Live) the link to relatives. Or do it for your pet! Sounds daft? Perhaps, but I know of at least one dog who’s got a site and a fan club!  

  • Use ready-made templates to make cards, games, stickers, planners and a whole lot more – you’ll find them on the Office Online site.

  • Get them cooking! All children love to cook – give them a recipe book and tell them they’re making dinner tonight. For smaller kids – make some pastry or some biscuit dough and leave them to it.

  • For students not yet back at uni, Student Beans offers exclusive student offers, advice, free stuff and more.

  • Make your children who are using any social network sites sit down now and read Safe Social Networking  from the great Get Safe Online site.

Any other suggestions welcome – let us know!

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