New Year bugs and snow – are you prepared?

How many of you remember the millennium bug crisis? When no-one in IT was entirely sure whether or not computers would seamlessly roll over into 2000 or just sit darkly on the desk, refusing to turn on? I was organising IT events in London at the time and Y2K was big business. 2010 has arrived without any such fuss but someone in Germany should perhaps have taken a leaf out of the history book - a ‘late millennium bug’ is apparently affecting around 20 million debit cards and 3.5 million credit cards - read more on the BBC website.  

Hopefully our article 'Business continuity over Christmas' prompted some care-taking before the break; but there's no chance to relax given the current weather conditions because the snow is probably turning people’s thoughts towards mobile and flexible working. The 15cm of snow outside my front door means I’m working from the kitchen table again today, which is fine because it means I'm not struggling along the M4. Our mini-guide to the 21st century workplace  can help point you in the right direction if you’re thinking about how technology can help you stay productive.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    am prepared 🙂 i wish all of us a great 2010

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