New Windows 7 60-second Business Insider videos

New on the Small Business website are 8 brief videos, providing hints and tips on getting the most out of Windows 7.  If you’re wondering how Windows 7 can help you work more quickly and more productively take a few minutes to watch these videos and you’ll find out!

·        Fix problems quickly (2.13 Mb/s)

·        Back it up without the fuss (2.13 Mb/s)

·        Let your network find you (2.13 Mb/s)

·        Make presentations on the go (2.13 Mb/s)

·        Access your files and programs anywhere (2.13 Mb/s)

·        Find more, search less (2.13 Mb/s) .

·        Restore previous versions of your files (2.11 Mb/s)

·        Run Windows XP applications (2.12 Mb/s)


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