If it looks too good to be true….. it’s probably fake

We’re talking software here of course. Piracy is a constant problem – not just for Microsoft but for all our legitimate partners who not only have to compete honestly in a tough market but also fight the rip-off merchants. A recent thread on avforums highlights this with yet another example of someone who thought they’d got the real thing – Office 2007 - for a great price, but then discovered they’d bought fake. Thankfully they reported it to us and have received a genuine copy, and expect a refund from their credit card company.


With genuine software:


·        You can get help when you need it. With genuine Windows, you can count on Microsoft and its partners for support. Genuine Windows also includes all the available documentation like quick-start guides and owner's manuals to help you get the most from your computer. Who stands behind counterfeit Windows? No one that you can trust.

·        You get the most from your PC. Only genuine Windows users receive exclusive access to all optional updates and downloads from Microsoft. There are also other benefits, such as offers and promotions available only to genuine Windows users.


Validation is particularly important right now, if you’re considering an upgrade to Windows 7. You’ll need a genuine copy of a qualifying operating system in order to upgrade. To check that your software is genuine, or to report any instances of suspected piracy, please visit the Get Genuine website.


And if you’re looking for genuine offers on Windows 7 and maybe a PC too - take a look here

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