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Enterprise Nation roadtrip

Home business website, Enterprise Nation, is going on a national road trip to produce a documentary on the rise of home business in the UK.

Starting in Scotland on Monday 14 September, a crew of three ( Emma Jones, Founder, Enterprise Nation; Tim Sargent, Mint Video; and Nick Clark, 1st Class Travel) will travel south to interview home business owners and talk to experts and politicians, with the team expecting to meet over 400 businesses at events and meet-ups over the course of the week.

More than 2 million businesses are run full-time from home but the documentary will also take a closer look at what Enterprise Nation has termed the ‘Working 5 to 9' trend that is seeing millions of people hold down a day job and build a business at nights and weekends. It's a way of easing out of insecure employment, into self-employment.

Founder of Enterprise Nation, Emma Jones, says:

‘Streets are buzzing with people starting and growing their own business. Amazing businesses that utilise the best of technology to make and sell niche products and services. We'll be revealing the stories of people turning business dreams into reality and showing that home business is truly the bright spot of the UK economy. Yet we don't think enough is being done to allow home business to flourish - and it remains almost a hidden sector - so we'll be calling for action from policy makers and politicians and recording their response."

The Enterprise Nation team will visit home business hotspots in Scotland, North East, London, South West and return home to the West Midlands on Friday 18 September. They will film by day and at night host get-togethers for anyone starting and growing a business from home. They will also show how to work whilst on the move in a trip that's sponsored by communications company, Orange.  

The documentary will be aired on Friday 20 November - a date that marks the UK's first ever Home Enterprise Day, held as part of Global Entrepreneurship Week. The first people to see footage will be delegates at the Enterprise Nation Conference.

As Jones says:

"Visitors to the conference may not be surprised by what they see as they are living and breathing home business owners but for those in Government and large organisations this documentary will uncover the incredible entrepreneurial activity underway. It will also call on them to act. Home business is Britain's best-kept secret and its story needs to be told!"

Over 60% of new businesses were launched from home in 2008. The attraction is lower costs, no commute and being on hand for friends and family. Sectors range from fashion design and food production through to IT and business services with whole families coming together to make these businesses a success and growing profits through outsourcing and sub-contracting.

Full details of the roadtrip and registration for meet-ups is online at Enterprise Nation

The documentary will be aired at the Enterprise Nation Conference on Home Enterprise Day, Friday 20 November. Home Enterprise Day is part of Global Entrepreneurship Week.


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