Swine flu warning to businesses

Without wishing to be in any way alarmist, swine flu is creeping its way across the country and, according to a story on the BBC website, the Federation of Small Businesses is warning that too few companies are making contingency plans against its spread.

Any potential or real swine flu victim – plus their relatives – are being asked to stay at home to avoid infecting others. But how many of us have thought about the possible business impact of workers not turning up for work? If you have remote working capabilities you should be able to cope until the danger of infection has passed, but if you rely on bums on seats your business could suffer. And if the pandemic does affect multiple workers, have you got a business continuity plan in place so everyone knows what to do? If you're in any doubt, take a look at the advisory websites below. One final note which I wasn't aware of til yesterday, apparently it's the younger generations who are most at risk - people 50+ are less susceptible to infection.


Federation of Small Businesses

Department of Health website

Business Link advice on swine flu

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