Entrepreneur Doug Richard’s business start-up top tips

Ex- Dragon's Den panel member and Doug Richard recently held a seminar at the British Library in London for all aspiring entrepreneurs, offering his six top start-up tips.

Here's a very brief summary of the start-up tips he discussed - it's well worth reading the full story because he offers pertinent, relevant advice.

  • How attractive is my product to my customer? You might think is absolutely wonderful but that's not the point - you need others to think  so too or you won't sell anything.

  • How attractive is the market to me? Do you want to earn a fortune, slave every hour of the day, or carve a lifestyle?

  • Can I sustain my advantage? What makes you better than your competitors?

  • How attractive is my industry? Are you entering an already crowded marketplace?

  • Do we have the skills and experience? The secret of success is to hire really good people

  • How connected are we? You need to get out and about and make your presence felt.

Food for thought!

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