Wi-Fi locator helps you get web access on the move

The much-improved small business Wi-Fi Locator is now live on the Small Business site. Being able to work on the move wherever, whenever not only helps you to maintain business operations remotely, but also offers you the chance to remain online when you might be travelling for business meetings or simply working outside taking advantage of the sunshine. Wi-fi hotspots these days can be found in numerous locations from bars and restaurants right through to hotels and airports.  Have a look at the new functionality:

  • Zoom in/out map with ‘hover-over' info on number of wi-fi spots in each location

  • Search by postcode, address, town etc

  • An operator filter

  • Great VE options of 3D (beta) and a Bird's Eye view as well as traditional aerial and 2D view.

  • Simple, clear icons show location type (restaurant, library, airport).

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