Small firms showing their resilience

Increasing confidence but frustration with banks is the feedback this month from the ten small firms that the BBC has been tracking.

You can read the full report from the small businesses on the BBC website but here's a few examples of what they have to say:

  • "I am going to become a seriously grumpy old woman if I have to keep setting aside my company work to throw time and money at ticking official boxes."

  • "Major frustrations have been delays with service suppliers, especially the bank. Simply setting up our merchant accounts to take card payments has now taken three months. One starts to wonder if the banks are capable of changing fast enough to really help and keep pace with their customers' needs."

  • "I just hope the banks begin to see that the market has started to move, and stop hounding firms like mine. For example, to try and help the company I suspended my monthly dividends last month, and they charged me £35 for the privilege. How is that helping small businesses?

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