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I blogged about the Conficker worm (WORM attack: is your PC secure?) at the end of January - hopefully everyone who doesn't have automatic updates configured on their PCs will have downloaded the patch now. There are still rumblings in the press though, because as soon as you resolve one issue another arises so in response to customer queries Microsoft has put together an advisory support site for anyone who's at all concerned about viruses, spam, Trojans, malware - whatever their type. Specifically for the UK, both consumers and businesses can get free advice and support, including how to recognise phishing and scamming here.  (Note to self (ie Microsoft), ....think we need to develop a ‘children's version' of the site so all those on Build-a-bear, Club Penguin et al this half-term can also read and understand.....)

Scams awareness month

February is officially ‘Scams awareness month', and various organisations are uniting in getting the message across to unsuspecting consumers - both business and home - about potential scams. Visit Consumer Direct for information on the latest work-at-home schemes, weight loss plans, miracle cures, phishing and foreign lotteries.

Get Safe Online (The Blog) also has more info on online rip-offs and advance fee frauds, plus tips on how to avoid falling victim to one of the many scams out there at the moment. 

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    I’ve been banging on about IT security, worms and viruses, business continuity (aka disaster recovery)

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