Quick ‘Fix it’

I'm trying to get in a joke here about Jim'll Fix It but struggling, so I've given up and will play this one straight. To help Windows and PC users, Microsoft is trying out the idea of a ‘Fix it' button on web-based support pages, detailing the most common problems and steps needed to fix the problem or bug. The button helps Windows users fix common problems, such as restoring the Internet Explorer icon to the desktop and enabling a DVD library in Vista's media centre.

Microsoft 'Fix it' button 

Using the tool is not mandatory and people will be able to follow the steps outlined in support articles themselves, rather than rely on the scripted fix.

Microsoft has kicked off a project to trawl through the thousands of pages in its support system to find problems that can be fixed by the quick fix tool. Microsoft is also planning to extend the quick fix system to its bug reporting system, so it comes to life after a crash or other software problem. In the future, rather than simply report a problem, Windows users will get the chance to fix it.

NB: For all our younger readers, Wiki has a good explanation of ‘Jim'll Fix It'.

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