Jump out of the recession and into a franchise

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The Small Business Centre news feed picked up a story on franchising last week – ‘Franchising can help grow a business‘. Writing for Business Week, contributing editor Sarah Max suggested that franchising can be good way to expand because other entrepreneurs finance the majority of the costs. Franchisees are generally highly-motivated and skilled, so their desire to succeed will be strong too. And once a franchise is firmly established, running the new branch is not the responsibility of the majority shareholder, she states – they can largely take a back-seat and wait for royalties to be paid.

If taking on a franchise is something you are considering it’s worth taking a look at Franchise Gator. This is an extensive online resource directory for everyone interested in running a franchise. You can search by location, capital available and preferred workstyle (ie work from home, part-time) – to find a business opportunity that best meets your requirements.


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  1. Darwin says:

    I couldn't agree more with the message from franchise gator.  I have been involved with the franchise world for quite some time and if you are eager to learn and build a successful business then a franchise model could help you to becoming a successful entrepreneur.  I know I started as a franchisee years ago and now I myself am involved on the corporate side of franchising.  Either way I see the power in franchising.  Franchisors have spent a lot of time perfecting their franchise models.  If you are looking ot become an entrepreneur you should definitely consider franchising.