Love really does make the world go round

Here's a story with a warm, cosy feel to it that should go some way to staving off freezing weather and economic gloom.

"Starting up a business is similar to falling in love," said Loic Le Meur, organiser of the Le Web conference that brought the cream of Europe's web developers together in Paris last week.

"When you start a business you're obsessed with it," he said. "When it goes well you are very happy, but if it goes bad you fail with it. By learning about love, you can use that passion to help cultivate your ideas and improve your own businesses."

Many speakers rejected the notion that tough times were bad. Instead many reflected on why the downturn was a good thing for entrepreneurs.

"Markets fail, but they are rebuilt, and in this there are great opportunities for entrepreneurs," said Dan'l Lewin, Corporate Vice President from Microsoft, who pointed out that a number of successful internet companies, such as HP, Apple and Google, were founded during previous recessions.

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    Watching Working Lunch last week, Theo Paphitis (of Dragon’s Den fame) was being interviewed on matters

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