Tell your small business finance story to the BBC

You may have seen this week on the BBC website the news about the government bringing together banks and representatives from small businesses to try to "thrash out differences between them".

"Earlier this week, Lord Mandelson told a Business Select Committee hearing there was anecdotal evidence that smaller businesses were being hit with a "double whammy" by some banks - being asked for more security and higher interest payments on loans, while also paying extra charges.

And the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) said that firms were finding it increasingly difficult to access funding.

"The cost of money is undoubtedly higher than it was and we see no evidence of it coming down," said the BCC's director general David Frost.

"Banks are charging for services that were previously parts of the deal," he added.

"And the idea of relationship banking is breaking down. Everything is going through regional offices and it is taking much longer to get the OK on a loan or an overdraft."

The BBC is asking for stories from small businesses which have had problems with financing and banks, so if this is you and you feel like a rant, this is your opportunity!

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