Download a free e-book on Office Live Small Business (Tim Kimber, guest blogger)

 I’ve just finished reading the new Microsoft Press book 'Office Live Small Business – Get your Business Online', and I can report that it’s a well-written, comprehensive coverage of just about everything you need to get started with Office Live.

All of Office live is covered including :

 Office Live - take your business online

  • General overview

  • Getting started

  • Designing your website

  • Advanced design tips

  • Website statistics

  • Office Live email

  • Promoting your business (adManager & Email Marketing)

  • Business applications (Contact Manager, Document Manager, Team Workspaces and more)

  • Office Live Workspace

  • Using the Resource Centre





The really good news is that between now and 19 October 2008, you can download an electronic version of the book completely for free.

Also, if you want a printed copy of the book it’s on promotion as book of the month, at 40% off the retail price.

So, if you’re interested in Office Live and want a great reference to help you build your website and use all the other tools and services available, now is a great time to get the book.


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    Having read the new Microsoft Press book " Office live – take your business online ", I wanted to learn

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