New ‘Ask The Expert’ questions

New questions put to the Small Business Ask The Experts team in August are about the problems sole traders can face when it comes to financial matters, and a plea for suggestions on how to cut down on data entry. 

On finance....

"I'm a sole trader. Maths never was my strong point, but I want to be sure I'm keeping proper records so that my accountant will be able to make sense of them. I don't really know where to start, though. Are there any guidelines or examples of standard procedures I can use?"

Read what Gareth Arnold, Head of Office Accounting, Microsoft UK, has to say about taking the headache out of financial paperwork.

On data....

"I'm finding it difficult to fit in admin tasks after I've visited customers and often end up working till late at night. Is there any way I can get round the problem of writing everything down at a customer site, and then having to enter it into my office PC?"

Read what James McCarthy, Business Marketing Manager, Microsoft UK, suggests on reducing duplicating data entry.

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    New Ask the Expert questions for September include a question about why a small business should upgrade

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