MSN Ask the Experts questions about money

Got a query about finances? Try submitting your question to the MSN Ask the Experts panel.  They’ll examine your finances and make suggestions about how to reach your goals. They can’t respond to all questions of course, or provide individual responses, but they can make recommendations and suggestions. Recent questions include:

  • I've paid off my card but I keep getting billed

  • Should I save or pay off my debts first?

  • Help! I'm sinking in debt

  • Death, debt and the taxman

  • Debt chasers

  • Which bank or building society is best for you?

For questions on IT solutions in business, the Small Business Centre Ask the Experts section offers the same facility. Submit your question and we may be able to provide the answers to your particular business issue. New questions this month come from a sole trader who would like some advice on how to keep proper financial records to help his accounting, and from a small business owner wanting to eliminate duplicate data entry and cut down on admin.

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