How To Be Found: Search Engine Optimisation

Kevin Costner built his field of dreams and was told ‘They will come'. If only this were true of websites.... Search engine marketing (SEM - generally paid-for web advertising) and search engine optimisation (SEO - being smart about the language you use on your website pages) are two disciplines we're all having to get to grips with these days. To help you brush up on this subject you could browse through the recommended reading section on the Small Business books page. ‘Microsoft Office Live Small Business: Take Your Business Online' is on special offer for visitors to the Small Business Centre only, at £6.99 - 50% off RRP.

For some free advice and guidance on these two topics, you can find some useful resources on Social Networks Marketing - including SEM and SEO - on the Microsoft Partner Portal. You don't need to be a partner (ie a reseller of Microsoft products) to access these, although some resources are restricted to partners. But as an introduction to the subject, and to get your website shouting a bit more loudly on the www, you can use these as a starting point.

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