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We all want to become more productive, get more out of the tools we have, and increase ROI. Easy to say, but how do you actually put it into practice? And how many of us actually use the software we have to its full potential?  So when you hear that Windows Vista offers improved security for example, how does that translate to real life on the ground?


Warren Bennett, co-found of A Suit That Fits, is pleased with the extra security in Windows Vista. “I like the way that it pops up and stops you installing programs,” he says. This feature (known as User Account Control) and Windows Firewall can help protect against inadvertent spyware installation. (Read the case study.) He also raves about Windows Vista’s Instant Search capability. He reckons it saves him time because he doesn’t have to browse around in his folders to find a document. It lets him tap into a lot of information that previously took a long time to find because it was buried inside countless documents. “I use it to dig out phone numbers or to look up product codes,” he says.


For Sarah Tinsley, Managing Director of ...and the kitchen sink, the combination of Small Business Server 2003, the 2007 Office System and Windows Vista has been revolutionary. The templates that come with the new software are “very, very good.” Sarah has been able to improve the quality of her business proposals and delegate packs without having to pay outsiders to redesign them. It saves hundreds of pounds a year, which is extra profit for the business.


“The biggest change for me is being able to work remotely,” says Sarah. She has a home office and a laptop, which she can use on her travels and abroad to stay in touch with customers and make sure everything is running smoothly. The biggest benefit is the amount of time the new programs have saved. “They are so easy to use,” says Sarah, “I’ve had no training on Vista and Office and I’ve picked them up immediately.” (Read the case study.)


If you’re thinking about investing in new solutions to help you improve productivity, explore the resources in our Desktop Deployment Centre. You’ll find tools to help you calculate ROI, advice on upgrading to Windows Vista, customer success stories, and much more.


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