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Interesting events happening in Paris yesterday. Icann, (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), which regulates the net, is planning to open up the way domain names work. If the strict rules regulating the top-level domain names eg .com, .uk, .org, .net are relaxed (the ICANN board has to give final approval on the recommendations, which were approved), both firms and individuals can find a way to express themselves more clearly through new domain names. Any string of letters could be registered, although obviously people are going to want meaningful domains; nyc for New York City, for example, or .xxx for adult sites. In the event of two people or companies wanting the same name, the domain will go to the highest bidder. This could be a good coffee break activity - dream up the most unusual/expressive/relevant domain name for your business....

In the meantime, Office Live will give you a domain name for free.

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