Are you a budding developer?

There's an impassioned (and somewhat lengthy) plea here about how we should be concerned over a lack of programmers, and how we should perhaps be encouraging coding and programming skills in schools. We don't actually have to know how anything works any more really.  Now that consumer items are - relatively - a lot cheaper than they were 10 years ago it's as cheap to buy another one rather than try to get it fixed.  Similarly with computers. Few people know what DOS is, or how a rudimentary knowledge of it was a godsend with early PCs.

"Universities have seen applications for computer science degrees fall off, schools do not encourage students to do computing at GCSE and A Level and primary school children are trained as users not as programmers."

In tough economic conditions perhaps a bit of lateral thinking is called for. I recently suggested to my dentist that he start up a sideline in five-minute ‘before' and ‘after' massages - maybe a sideline in basic coding may prove fruitful in a few years' time (not necessarily for dentists, but for other start-ups)!

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