Money makes the world go round

And don't we know it! Fuel seems to be going up approximately twice a week, and there is no end in sight. Today's hauliers' protest in London and Wales is hardly surprising when Small Business blog's own petrol consumption (which is not excessive by any means) is now well over £100 pcm.  And then there's food - rice and bread to name just two staples. Economising is on everyone's minds - where, how and when, and more importantly, how can you do it without damaging your business?

MSN Money has a lot of good - and relevant - advice on how you can manage finances. And Jayne Vaughan, Head of Employer Consulting, KPMG, has some advice on how to cut costs rather than heads here.

For budgeting closer to home, you can keep a close track of your finances with Microsoft's Office Accounting - either the free, downloadable version, or the more sophisticated business version.    

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