A Suit That Fits

Small Business Blog came across this new case study today, which is worth highlighting because it's inspiring. It's a great example of how one thought led on to another, which in turn, led to the growing success of a small business. Here's a brief extract:

"Warren Bennett co-founded the company after he spent his gap year in Nepal. Always a snappy dresser, he was impressed by the quality of Nepalese tailoring. "They have a great work ethic and a brilliant tailoring tradition," says Warren. As a result, A Suit That Fits has set up an atelier in Nepal to produce suits for its customers.

"It's trade, not aid; paying 50 per cent over the local rates to attract the best tailors and ensure the quality. In addition to this however, A Suit That Fits donates five percent of their Nepalese costs to the local school where Warren taught during his year off. The company is currently funding a new science block."

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  1. Anonymous says:

    We all want to become more productive, get more out of the tools we have, and increase ROI. Easy to say,

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