New sport has unlimited potential

Network cables

You may think we’re making this one up, but if the BBC says it’s true, then surely it must be. We’re not entirely sure how this will help you in your business but if it serves to raise a smile then it has to be worth it. There is a new ‘sport’ based around unravelling the mass of wires that can often be found beneath and behind computer desks the world over. Known as ‘speedcabling’, the challenge is to present contents with a tangled mass of Ethernet cables of various lengths, and get them to untangle them in the fastest time. Crucially, the cables must still be able to carry a network signal after being separated.


The current ‘King of the Cables’ is LA-based (where else?) web developer Matthew Howell. If you would like to learn the finer techniques of speedcabling, you’ll find more here.

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