Malware higher than ever

The number of malicious programs found online has reached an unprecedented high, say security firms (more). Security software testing organisation AV Test reported that it saw 5.49 million unique samples of malicious software in 2007 - five times more than the 972,606 it saw in 2006. This is scary stuff. Apparently, most of the malicious programs detected by these security organisations are aimed at the various versions of Microsoft's Windows operating system and the vast majority of these are made up of elements from older viruses that have been scrambled to look fresh.


As always, the advice is to be vigilant, and make sure others who may be using your computer (especially children!) are aware of the rules. How many of us can say, hand on heart, that we do or have done, all the below? You’ll find more details on security guidance here.

  • Update your software

  • Install virus and software protection

  • Set up a firewall

  • Back up data

  • Guard against theft

  • Secure your private network

  • Create a security plan

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Viruses have now made it into orbit. The BBC news story says Nasa has confirmed that laptops carried

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