There are no excuses left…

New, free features in Office Live Small Business mean that there really are no excuses left to prevent you from going online. Want a completely free website? Up to 100 free email accounts? Free online business applications to help you get started? All you have to do is register today. A website is as essential as a business card or even a telephone these days, not just so that you can say you’ve got one, but so that you can create the right impression amongst potential customers and show them that you’re a company of substance. And when you’ve mastered the basics (Office Live Small Business webcasts can help you here), you can move on to more sophisticated customer relationship management skills and practices that will keep your customers coming back.


Also included free with Office Live Small Business is full Firefox 2.0 support for PC and Mac, an easy-to-use Website Designer tool or use html/3rd party design tools, Outlook Connector for offline synching of email, calendar, contacts & tasks, Mobile access to email, calendar and contacts from Windows-Powered SmartPhones or PocketPCs and even a Solutions Packager for Web designers. Find out more.

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