Talk the Talk

Are you guilty of indulging in TLAs and FLAs (three and four letter acronyms)? How about blamestorming, boss-spasming, and workspace specific perpetual abstraction? Recruitment firm Office Angels have put together a list of the UK's most cringeworthy jargon (more). "Take a bit of the reality sandwich", "We need to bottom this out", "The juice ain't worth the squeeze" and an alternative suggestion; ‘Lets chuck it on the seed tray and see if the budgie bites!"  

There's a fine line between forging a company identity and engendering feelings of belonging amongst staff, and totally confusing new starters, potential customers and existing clients. And if you're blogging or developing your own websites jargon should be avoided at all costs! If you're planning on the latter, take a look at this article on ‘Ten online mistakes to avoid' first.

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