Do you do Moofing?

You probably do, but you just don't know you're doing it. Moofing is Mobile Out of Office Working and there's now a dedicated blog on the pros and cons. It's not just about the need to be contactable and productive when you're on the road, there are also threads on flexible working. This generally applies more to women balancing childcare and careers than it does to men but it's all interesting stuff.

Btw, ever wondered why it isn't 'OOO' for 'Out Of Office'? - it's because OOF originally meant 'Out Of Facility' (facility being USA-speak for office).

We're not just talking mobile technology that keeps you in touch with your office but also the growing number of workers who don't hot-desk, they hot-wi-fi.  A Times Online article mentioned on the blog talks about a new club in London, where "new members will be given their own club telephone number, with an 0207 London prefix, a personal email address and access to the club's free wi-fi network. There are meeting rooms, and the waitresses double as PAs, delivering reports, printing documents and offering IT support in between mixing margaritas. Even the sofas have been designed to be comfy while you are using a laptop."

You'll find more info here:

Wi-Fi working and a hotspot locator

Windows Mobile

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    Spotted in a daily rag last week; a new Wi-Fi detecting t-shirt from , "the ultimate in geek

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