Give your business more stature

How? Ask yourself these questions:

1. Have you budgeted for an extra £1,259 bill each year?

  • Two thirds of businesses surveyed said that this is how much their IT security failures cost them.

2. Could you cope with losing all your data tomorrow?

  • Half of small businesses don't back up their data regularly.

3. Do you have a spare £6,000 to spend on marketing?

  • Small businesses spend, on average, £6,000 to develop marketing materials.

4. Do you ever struggle to find a piece of vital information?

  • 30% of small-business managers estimate that they spend between half an hour and three hours a week looking for information.

5. Are you using your PC for CRM?

  • A fifth of small customers are not using their PC to manage customer and supplier relationships.

So, how can you resolve some of these issues? Microsoft aims to help you focus on your customers, rather than on your technology. Take a look at the campaign pages here and see if your business could benefit.

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