Have fun with Windows Live Betas

If you like exploring new add-ons, extensions and gadgets you might like to download the current Windows Live betas. You can get beta versions of Windows Live Calendar, Gallery, OneCare 2.0 (security) SkyDrive (password protection) here.

Windows Live Gallery offers all kinds of add-ons and extensions, including desktop and web gadgets, to personalise your Windows Live and PC experiences.

Windows Live OneCare is an automatically self-updating PC care service that's on whenever your PC is on, helping provide persistent protection against viruses, hackers, and other threats. It also performs regular tune-ups to keep your PC running at top speed, and back up important documents.

The Calendar does what it says on the tin - helps you organise and schedule meetings and events, etc. And SkyDrive offers password-protected online file storage and sharing.

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