Microsoft, Real Business look for Britain’s Digital Elite. It could be you?

Digital Elite logoReal Business magazine and Microsoft are teaming up to look
for Britain's most technologically advanced businesses.  Companies judged to be the most intelligent
users of software to improve performance (software could be off-the-shelf,
bespoke, customised, a single package or combination of packages) will be
covered in a 16 page report, to be named Britain's Digital Elite, in the
November edition of Real Business.

There will be 10 categories in all, each to feature one
winner and two "highly recommended":

  • M&A  - Using
    software to facilitate any part of the M&A process
  • Mobile workforce - 
    Applications relying on all aspects of mobile
  • Workforce education - Using software to upskill and/or talk
    to your employees
  • Consumer interaction - Any customer-facing application
  • Marketplace analysis - Using software to provide strategic
  • Performance analysis - Internal information gathering
  • Taking on the big guys - Using software to disrupt
  • Logistics - Using software to co-ordinate, track and/or
    transmit goods
  • Back office automation - Streamlining and accelerating
  • R&D - Research and development focused IT

The deadline for submissions is fairly soonish - Monday 24
September 2007
.  To enter, you will need
to download and email an entry
(the form will ask you for a financial summary of your business, along
with a summary explanation of what your firm does and why it deserves to be
included in Britain's Digital Elite.

Good luck!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The judging day for Britain’s Digital Elite has been pushed back one week, I’m told, to Tuesday 2 October

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