On the moof: mobile working and moof.mobi blog

If you have been affected this week by London's crippling tube strikes, or if you were hit recently by certain extreme weather events, maybe it's time to think about moofing.  Hmm?  Yes, it's another loopy buzzword.  "Moofing" was coined to mean mobile working ('moof' is 'mobile office' abbreviated).

According to Windows Vista Magazine, moofing

may sound ridiculous, but it's a practice which is taking the business world by storm

The Windows Mobile lot here recently launched a funky-looking blog named moof.mobi, inviting readers to share experiences of moofing, and advising:

don’t battle your way into work unless you really have to be there.

Amen to that. 

The blog is not just about technology - recently published posts include one about Boris Johnson's opinion on the office ("like baboons, we go there to groom and to socialise"), flexible working for disaster recovery and carbon footprints.  Oh, and apparently Tuesday afternoons are a low point in concentration.


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