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By Tim Kimber, UK Office Live Business & Marketing Lead  


Tim Kimber, UK Office Live Business & Marketing LeadAn increasing number of customers are signing up to the adManager tool within Office Live. I suspect this is because there’s a very enticing offer of a £25 search advertising credit. Ok, so there is a one-time activation fee of £5, but that still means you’re effectively getting £20 for nothing.

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The idea behind adManager is that it’s a platform for online advertising. In the UK, the current partners are MSN and Live search but expect more in future. The US service already has on the platform with several others in the pipeline. As a small business, imagine how good it would be to have a single tool that got you access to most of the popular online advertising providers, all managed from one simple web-tool, with single billing and consolidated reporting ?


I’ve been having a play with adManager and I’m impressed with how easy it is to use. Within a few minutes you can be producing an online ad for your website, choosing the monthly pay-per-click threshold, entering a maximum bid amount and choosing keywords.


There’s an online demo of adManager posted at

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  1. HERSH says:


    I havn’t seen the adManager yet but it sounds like an extension to Microsoft AdCenter. Do AdCenter’s customer need this extra help? I mean Google Adwords has everythng built in: keyword suggestion, ad caimpaign manager etc.

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