WSJ: Copywriting company gets it write with small business blog

From across the Atlantic, the Wall Street Journal reports on the usage of blogs by small businesses as a marketing tool.

In the article Blog It and They May Come, author Sarah Needleman highlights the case of Get It In Writing, a small business providing copywriting services ("We write.  We edit.  We proofread.  We dig.  We research.  We translate themes and ideas into words").  Before the company's blog was launched in early 2006, the Get It In Writing website was attracting around 100 unique visitors a month.  The arrival of the blog has since propelled traffic to a dizzying 150,000 monthly unique visitors (that's a staggering 149,900% increase).  Sales have also risen, by 18% (though the impact was not immediate).

Thomas Mahon's celebrated UK blog English Cut also gets a mention.  You can read more about it in my post Why small businesses should consider blogging.

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