Dotcom Britain: 10 internet startups to shake the world?

By Matt Brady 

Garlik logoMany of us are now familiar with US internet success stories eBay, Amazon, Google and Yahoo!  In Blighty, fewer (and less seismic) dotcom successes have been produced in comparison ( is probably the most remarkable).

Things could be changing, however. 

In my previous post, I referred to an FT article last week about three tremendously talented schoolboy entrepreneurs based in the UK who launched brilliant websites.  Today, in The Guardian, Bobbie Johnson lists 10 British dotcoms to keep track of. 

Bobbie writes:

Driven by the surge of Web 2.0 sites and the widespread penetration of broadband, Britain's dot economy is growing fast and – for now at least – there are no real signs of a bust on the horizon.

Hurrah!  The 10 startups are as follows:

  1. Dooplr

  2. Extate

  3. Garlik

  4. MindCandy

  5. Moo

  6. OnOneMap

  7. Touch Local

  8. Trusted Places

  9. Zopa

  10. Zupka

I love the nutty names.  To find out what these companies do (there are some smashing ideas here), visit the article Top 10 dotcoms to watch.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Web 2.0 is covered in the July/August edition of Growing Business magazine (£3). In the article "Web

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