Web 2.0 Consultant uses Office Live to collaborate

By Tim Kimber, UK Office Live Business & Marketing Lead 

Tim Kimber, UK Office Live Business & Marketing LeadOffice Live logoOne of the most impressive Office Live websites I’ve come across to date is Chris Wray’s http://www.web2consultant.com/

Chris comes from a management consulting background and is using his Office Live site to start a debate on “Web 2.0 + Professional Services – hype or paradigm shift?”

The site is built in a crisp, easy to read manner with high quality images and concise text. There’s a good variety of web tools integrated from all sorts of providers. Chris has also put some effort into fine-tuning search engine optimisation, ensuring that the right metatags and meta descriptions are included. He has also developed a search engine marketing campaign using the adManager tool within Office Live to purchase keywords on adCenter. The result of all this is several hundred unique visitors per day.

What I really like about the site is the online survey that has been created using the data collection module within Office Live (http://web2consultant.com/web2survey.aspx). This is a pretty simple feature to use and collects all the survey responses into the underlying SharePoint infrastructure that Office Live is built on, allowing simple export to Excel for data analysis. The data collection tool is proving to be a popular way to do surveys, online reservations, and so on. Here’s a short video clip on how it works : https://channel9.msdn.com/Media/Firesign.html

All in all, if you’re interested in Web 2.0 and want to see what it might mean to the consulting industry, http://www.web2consultant.com/ is well worth a look.

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