Web 2.0: a new world of possibilities for small businesses

By Matt Brady

We have a news story published today on our Small Business Centre site about the surge in popularity of "Web 2.0" (the moniker given to developments such as social networking, blogging and so forth). 

The article, Web 2.0 is the future for business?, includes quotes by Cisco Systems chief John Chambers (who thinks that the current phase of online creativity will last a minimum of 10 years), and states:

Sharing of information between workers, suppliers and, crucially, customers, has become substantially quicker and easier with the advent of Web 2.0, with many smaller firms able to make the most of their web presence and communication directly with their customers.

In yesterday's Technology section of The Guardian, Bobbie Johnson highlighted in his article British startups need to lose their sense of place a couple of British businesses who have fully embraced the Web 2.0 revolution: Moo.com (a print-on-demand, rather than dairy, company) and Last.fm, the excellent online radio platform.  Bobbie explains:

These companies aren't bound by their physical restraints. In fact, plenty of users don't even realise they are dealing with a young company based in pokey London offices. They are living proof that on the web, place just doesn't matter.

These are exciting times.

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