Windows Vista magazine investigates social media

By Matt Brady 

I blogged the other day about the official Windows XP magazine.  Today, I picked up the other Windows mag, Windows Vista: The Official Magazine (an inexpensive £3.99 if you buy it).  Like the XP sister title, Vista is packed with useful tips and case studies. 

Three features in this month's edition made me smile straight away (purely because I've written about the subjects lately): "Build a blog - in just 5 minutes" (p.86), "Your three-minute guide to... Social networking" (p.23) and "Create your own podcast" (p.78).

 In the 4-page blogging piece, author Richard Cobbett explains that the quickest and easiest way to publish a blog is by using Windows Live Spaces.  He presents the following steps:

  1. Create a Live Spaces account

  2. Pick and mix modules

  3. Customise the blog with colours and themes

  4. Register a snappy domain name to redirect visitors to your blog

Richard also covers how to build your own blog (this is for more advanced users) by downloading software (in this case, WordPress).

Also included in the magazine are articles about:

There's also a free Windows Vista tips "triangle" that you can cut out and fold into a Toblerone shape.  If you're in a hurry, you can check out our Vista tips in Small Business Centre. 

Comments (1)

  1. Paul Douglas says:

    Thanks for the kind words, Matt. Amazing to think that we’re now on issue seven. Time flies!

    Paul Douglas, editor

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