Word up! MSN homepage gets Office makeover

By Matt Brady

I got a bit of a surprise today when visiting the MSN UK portal.  The homepage has been magically transformed into something looking like a Microsoft Office Word 2007 document and looks pretty darn fantastic (I've included images of the homepage below, as like a beautiful blanket of snow on a crisp January day, it won't stay like this forever ;)).

The new homepage format is also like snow in that you can dive in and have a bit of a play about (that's the last snow reference - promise).  By rolling over Styles with your mouse, you can change the style of the text in the MSN menu (linking to MSN channels such as Money and News).  It's no different on Word 2007: simply roll over a style to automatically change the appearance of your text (and click to keep the change). 

Now click on the Format tab (the last one, next to View) and you will see a series of Picture Styles.  Again, rolling over one of these produces a change.  The Office 2007 ad in the right-hand side of the homepage changes form: it could be an image with rounded corners, for example, or an oval ball with shadow beneath, as if floating on the page.  There are 5 Picture Styles to try out on the MSN demo.  In Word 2007 I counted 28.  In the new Word, you can also alter picture shape, border, and add an effect or two, such as 3D rotation and glow.  It's dead simple and helps make your pictures - and document - look a whole lot more interesting.

To learn more about Word 2007's features, you may like to have a look at the information we have on Word in our gleaming new Product Centre on Small Business Centre.  You may also be interested in one of our David Overton specials, a video in which David explains how to create more attractive documents in Word 2007 (part of our Software Tips section).

MSN homepage looking like Word 2007

MSN homepage looking like Word 2007

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