Analyze Twitter #tags using Sentiment Analysis and Visualize in Power BI

So in this post I'm going to discuss you on using Microsoft Flows and  Sentiment Analysis API to analyze twitter posts and visualize them in Microsoft Power BI.

I have mentioned you about Microsoft Flows in my previous posts.

Text analytics (or sentiment analysis) is the automated processing of texts to determine topics, key phrases and the opinion of the writer (positive, negative, neutral). 

Text analytics (or sentiment analysis) is the automated processing of texts to determine topics, key phrases and the opinion of the writer (positive, negative, neutral).

Microsoft Cognitive Services are a new set of cloud APIs that can be used from practically any technical platform (Android apps, iOS apps, Windows apps, websites, etc) to leverage capabilities such as natural language processing, speech, vision, knowledge exploration, etc. These capabilities, like the whole field of artificial intelligence, are easy for humans but difficult for computers. Now you can leverage the results of Microsoft Research and powerful cloud computing to power your own applications with these capabilities.

The Text Analytics API, offered by Microsoft as part of Cognitive Services, has the following functionality:

  • Determine the language of a text.
  • Determine the sentiment of a text. The output is a score between 0 (very negative), 0.5 (neutral) and 1 (very positive).
  • Detect key phrases in a text.
  • Detect the top topics for a collection of texts.

The Text Analytics API itself is built with Azure Machine Learning. No training data is necessary, since it is already trained by Microsoft.

You can easily test it on the Text Analytics API webpage.

So for this demo, I'm going to use Sentiment Analysis from the above capabilities of Text Analytics API.

As the step 01, you have to create a power bi dashboard and streaming dataset.

This isn’t going to be a full tutorial on how to use PowerBI, but hopefully I can take you through just enough steps that you can visualize this data.

In order to do that we are going to login to the Power BI service, and In work space, top right, click the + Create and select Streaming data in the menu. 



As per the above video, you can create a streaming data set. So what you can do is, just push data to that API as post request with that json data.

As per the above video, you can visualize the data. You will see the actual data once you push your data to Power BI.


Now let's create Text Analytics API Service in Azure

Grab and store that API key with you.

As the step 02, you have to create a new flow. If you haven’t already, go to and have a look around. You can find thousands of templates there. The flow creating will shown in the following video.

So after any tweet triggered based on that keyword we have mentioned, the Power BI will show it to you.

This is just simple clicks!! No need coding ❤️

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