Changes to Message Center details

As of May 1, 2017, Message Center details will no longer be provided in the Weekly Digest posts, the Planned Service Changes information, or any future posts.

As Office 365 increases the relevance of change communications to be more tenant-specific, a broad publication of this information becomes less useful and potentially inaccurate. Please be sure to check the Message Center in your Office 365 tenant for details on changes for awareness or that may require admin attention.

Additional resources are included below:

Note: The weekly digest capability is currently available to Office 365 admins who are configured for First Release in tenants set to English. (Office Roadmap Feature ID: 15082)

Update - July 16, 2017: Starting in August, the Message Center Weekly Digest will be available in English to all admins in First Release regardless of tenant language settings, and in September, the Message Center Weekly Digest will start rolling out in Standard Release. (Office Roadmap Feature ID: 18436)

Also see: Send weekly Message Center email to Microsoft Teams

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