Quick Tip: Add Group Calendar in Microsoft Teams


A common question of late is "How can I add a Group Calendar in Microsoft Teams?" – this post provides a walk through on how to do just that.


First, you'll need to get the URL of the Group Calendar by completing the following steps:


  • Log into Outlook Web App
  • Click on the name of the group in OWA
  • Then click on Calendar in the navigation menu, right under the group name and icon, as shown below:



  • Copy the URL in the browser's address bar, which should be similar to the one below:




Now that you have the URL of the group calendar, you're ready to add it in Microsoft Teams:


  • To add a tab, click the '+' icon in the channel navigation menu, and select "Website"




  • Next, enter a name for the tab and the URL for the group calendar and click "Save" to complete the Website tab configuration:


    Note: You can select/deselect the "Post to the channel about this tab" option based on your preference for this action.



  • Now, you can navigate to your shiny, new tab for the group calendar in the Teams client:


    Note: You may get prompted to enter your credentials from time to time when opening the tab


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  1. Brian Farkas says:

    This does not work well across the different clients and browser versions of Teams. We tried this originally and it got so annoying with loading and errors that we just removed it.

    1. Hi Brian,

      Sorry to hear you’re encountering these issues. I haven’t had problems in the Teams client or Microsoft Edge. However, after some testing I did experience issues with Internet Explorer 11 and Firefox. In IE, I get a message that the content cannot be displayed in a frame. In Firefox, a blank screen with a message a the top with “click here” if the site is not loading correctly, which then results in a message stating “Last time we checked, this site wouldn’t load in our web app”.

      Are these similar to the errors you’ve encountered?


      1. I was able to find the following article, which likely explains the issues…

        Requirements for tab pages in Microsoft Teams:

  2. Jay says:

    Thanks so much for the idea & details. It doesn’t seem to work for Teams members who’s mailboxes are on-prem. Any workaround ideas or alternative calendar options in Teams that might?

    Thanks again…

    1. Hi Jay,

      Glad it’s helpful! 🙂 Interesting…I’ll see what I can find out regarding Exchange on-prem users.


      1. Alex says:


        Any news abount this? Regarding the calendar access to users that are on-prem? I have the same issue.



        1. Hi Jay & Alex,

          Apologies for the delay in getting back to you. There are some known limitations with the ability to create and view meetings in Teams when the user’s mailbox is on-premises, per the article linked below:


          Unless you’re on Exchange 2016 CU3 or greater?


  3. Tim says:

    These steps don’t seem to work. They just lead to https://outlook.office.com/owa/?path=/calendar/view/Month, which is the default calendar URL. The URL doesn’t change anything when adding different group email addresses into the URL, they all just head back to the same spot.

    1. Hi Tim,

      Are you using the full URL listed in the steps, example below?


  4. Iditbn says:

    Thanks 🙂

    1. My pleasure! 🙂

  5. Jerry Ober says:

    The URL that is referenced above for the calendar is actually the URL to your own OWA account, with the group calendar(s) you are a member of. When users open the link in teams it will open their OWA account where they can scroll down and choose to display any of the Group Calendars available to them. In the Image above the user could also click on Company News to view the Cloud Central and Company news calendars side by side.

    We have found that by default, the users personal OWA calendar is displayed the first time you open the link from within Teams. The user is required to choose the correct Group Calendar from the list of groups as mentioned above.

    1. Hi Jerry – The URL referenced is the specific path to the Group calendar. When I use this URL in my tenant it displays the expected group calendar. Yes, the other group calendars are still visible in the left navigation menu, but the website tab in the team opens the proper group calendar by default for me. Not sure what the difference is…the client version used in testing is the 12/04/2017 update.

    2. Keith Plummer says:

      Hopefully, my response is not to late. When I first followed the instructions provided in the Quick Tip, I got my personal calendar as well because I clicked on the wrong calendar option. To get the group calendar, it’s important to follow the directions carefully. First step is to get back to step 1 by clicking on the envelope at the bottom left corner of OWA. Then click on the group you’re trying to get the calendar for, (VERY IMPORTANT) click on the word calendar in the middle of the screen where it should say Conversations, Files, Calendar, Notebook … Click on Calendar and voila you see your group calendar with the proper URL.

      1. Ellen Moshier says:

        Hi – it still makes all my calendars available to the team.I just want to share one of them…

    3. Courtnee says:

      I agree that the view is functional at best, but far from ideal. It shows way too many bells and whistles of Outlook. I just want to share with my group a very basic calendar, not millions of options. Is Microsoft working on a way to show a stripped down version of the group calendar *only*?

  6. Andreas says:

    This tip does not work at all. The url works when pasted into a window. But when it is written into the website plugin from teams it only goes to default Outlook.

    1. Hi Andreas – please see my reply to Jerry above.

  7. David says:

    I agree with others that the url I get when following the steps exactly leads to the user’s own calendar by default. When that url is shared with others and they click on it, they get their own calendar, as well, not the group’s.

    1. Hi David – sorry to hear it’s not working for you and some others. I do want to clarify that the “group” in the URL after “/path=” should not be changed. The only modification to the sample URL is replacing “GroupName@domain.com” with the appropriate email address in your environment. Kevin’s reply above provides additional info and a sample.

  8. Kevin says:


    This works for me.
    emailaddress is the office 365 group email address.
    Example if you say you o365 group is “Team Developers” and that o365 group email is teamdevelopers@domain.com
    Than you would do this https://outlook.office365.com/owa/?path=/group/teamdevelopers@domain.com/calendar

    fyi at the end of this url link do not add the “/” or it wont work as i discovered

    1. Hi Kevin – Awesome, thanks for the reply and letting me know it is working for others. 🙂

      1. Kevin says:

        NP! I wish there was a way to just show only the calendar you want instead of all the shared calendars and your own too.

      2. Emilie says:

        I tried this tip but it didn’t work for me…it shows the mailbox rather than the calendar.
        This is when I try with URL: https://outlook.office.com/owa/?path=/group/Trade&Settlements@domain.com/calendar (replacing the domain by my real one, I’ve shown the group name for clarity with the other case below).

        Then when I try per the instructions in the article: go to outlook, access the calendar page and copy the url, I get something like that for the url:
        Strangely enough, this gives me a closer result in the Microsoft Team: I do land directly on the calendar page (despite the url ending with mail) but it displays the calendars as they are selected on my personal account, and that is the same for each user. So if you want to see only the Team calendar you have to uncheck the others, and every Team member needs to do the same action. Plus, if you change your view while you’re in Outlook online (outside of the MS team), it changes how you will see it in the MS team as well.

        So…..still not finding a satisfying solution to display the Team calendar for all members without extra action for them – do you have any idea how to help?


  9. Katie Britt says:

    Is there an option for the attachments to be visible inside of Teams? I have it set up and can view the calendar in TEAMS, but no attachments can be seen.

    1. Hi Katie – can you send additional details, including screenshots, to my outlook.com account (tcfinney)?

  10. Graeme Johnson says:


    I found this article very useful but would like to go one step further and post reminders of upcoming events into a Microsoft Teams channel – has anybody managed to do that at all?

    1. Many thanks, Graeme – very glad to hear that this was useful!

      There may be a way to do this via Microsoft Flow…will do some testing.


      1. Hi Graeme – just a quick update. I’ve got a Flow working to post calendar reminders to a Teams channel…but it’s pulling in reminders for meetings that are not in the Team, i.e. my personal meetings. So, still working to get this scoped down to just the meetings for the team where the reminders need to be posted….

        1. jcbartle says:

          Hi, Thomas. Curious if you ever made it any further with Flow and getting it to only post reminders only from the Group calendar.


  11. Chad Carlton says:

    No offense, (Clever that you found this), but this is a workaround. When will Teams officially support displaying the Group Calendar as a tab?

    1. Michael Canfield says:

      Has anyone located a roadmap item for this? I feel like this is critical functionality that is missing that could be (relatively) easily added. Right now it depends on end user configuration which is ok in some cases, but not all users are even able to follow a technical article.

      1. Chad / Michael – I’m checking to see if there are any plans for this feature to be added in Teams. I’ll keep you posted…

        1. Josh Watson says:

          I would up-vote this feature change in a heartbeat.
          Thanks for looking into it, Thomas.

          1. Teo says:

            here it is:
            under investigation still.
            As most of us noticed, it is not really a walk in the park setting this up so the PG may have their challenges as well.

            I am having trouble setting that up as well and making it a seamless experience for everybody in the group. While it works for me, it is not the same for others so additional customization is needed on top, which makes it too effortful…

        2. Thomas, any updates on this topic?
          An easier integration of the Teams calendar and an easier handling mailbox features like categories would be helpful.
          Has anyone at Microsoft thought about adding the Teams calendar as default tab instead of the so-called Wiki?

          1. Chad / Michael / Josh / Teo / Thomas – as Teo posted (thanks!), per the UserVoice item for this feature, it is still being reviewed. That said, I have reached out to see if I can get any additional information and will provide an update if/when possible.

    2. Samantha V says:

      Our organization is looking at Teams to help our workflow but I am surprised that there is not a built in group calendar system. I did what was suggested on this page and it did work but I think it is just a clever solution to something that Microsoft Teams should fix. We use a lot of calendars and this might be a deal breaker for us.

  12. Donna K Hodges says:

    I hit an error when wizard asked me log into the calendar (as the last part of the of adding the team calendar from OWA to the team). Activity ID: f6a0e8f1-6ab8-427d-bc90-b9b00aa74bd7. i logged in with organizational 0365 ID

    has anyone see this

    1. Hi Donna – Sorry, I haven’t encountered this issue. Does it happen each time? Have you tried a different client or PC?

  13. Michelle Skarpness says:

    Hi Thomas,

    Is there a way to add a Calendar in Teams without using OWA? Our company has Outlook webmail disabled. I navigated to the underlying SharePoint site under the Teams site to create a calendar, and then added a ‘website’ tab in Teams with a link to the calendar, but the Calendar doesn’t display within the tab. It requires me to navigate to the website. Any thoughts?


  14. Mike Bruner says:

    Are there instructions to do the *reverse* of this article? I would like to take the calendar for the Microsoft Teams Group I am a part and add it to my Outlook thick client. I’ve tried a couple of ways I assumed would work, but appear unable.

    1. Juan Ramos says:

      @Mike Bruner
      The calendar becomes available via the Outlook thick-client by default. Just switch to the “folders” view and you’ll find it under “Favorite Group Calendars”

      1. Mike Swisher says:

        I tried this but it’s prompting me for credentials and it rejects what I’m entering. I’ve tried both my Office 365 creds and my domain creds. Neither option works.

  15. jacob2071 says:

    This should have been one of the first things they integrated. A calendar is essential for a team!

  16. Andy Zimmerman says:

    The URL to my OWA calendar is https://outlook.office.com/owa/?path=/calendar/view/Month, not anything resembling https://outlook.office.com/owa/?path=/group/GroupName@domain.com/calendar. When I use the URL structure you provide and replace [GroupName@domain.com], I’m able to display a calendar in a Teams tab, but the calendar is my personal calendar, not the group calendar. Any ideas on how to fix this?

  17. MS User says:

    I confirmed with our network team that we are NOT on-premises, and we ARE Office 365, but I get “If your site isn’t loading correctly, click here” when I follow these instructions. We REALLY would like to have our team calendar in Teams. Any ideas?

    1. MS User says:

      If I use the Teams app, I don’t get the “If your site isn’t loading correctly…” error mentioned in my previous message — however, I’m unable to scroll the frame with the calendar in it, so I can’t see everything! MS really really really needs to get Group/Team calendars working in their Teams app!

    2. Tony Lane says:

      I also get the “If your site isn’t loading correctly, click here” when selected from Teams. It says “…this site wouldn’t load in our web app”. I tried the “go to the Website” option and it goes to the right Group calendar. This was in Chrome. Tried it in IE11 there was an additional error shown in the frame where the Calendar should be:

      “This content cannot be displayed in a frame
      To help protect the security of information you enter into this website, the publisher of this content does not allow it to be displayed in a frame.”

      I don’t use the Teams desktop app because it was horrible.

      The lack of Group Calendar is one of the main reasons I switched to a Sharepoint Team site. I thought I’d try Teams again but I’m done with it now.

  18. Travis Houldcroft says:

    This does not work with Teams on mobile. Previously it would force you to open the groups app. Now it forces you to the web, where you can sign into a microsoft account, but you cannot sign into an enterprise account. PLEASE ADD TEAM CALENDARS TO TEAMS. Or suggest a third party application that can be run in a tab for group calendars.

  19. Dennis says:

    Good Morning;

    In sharing a calendar, it only allows me to share up to 6 months ahead. Is this the normal functionality? My outlook calendar has dates up to December 2019, but it only shows up to the first few days of March 2019. It is currently nearing the end of August 2018.

  20. Patrik Wiksten says:

    This works perfectly in the desktop app for Teams, but not in the web-app using Chrome, or from the Teams-app in IOS. In my phone I am redirected to login.live.com, which is really weird…

  21. Crockerfeller says:

    This does not seem to work for 0365 users. My shared and group calendars don’t seem to have a valid URL. When I follow the steps above the cal shows me only this URL: https://outlook.office.com/owa/?path=/calendar/view/Month

    Which is very generic. OWA must be handling the actual path internally?

    1. LisaJo says:

      I skipped most of the steps shown above since now that TEAMs that are created via the TEAMS app (and not teamified groups) don’t show in Outlook. Once I knew the format of the URL that would point directly to the specific calendar (thank you Thomas!), all I had to do was paste it in as I created the tab. Here’s the details:
      1. Click the plus sign to add the Website tab
      2. Copy the URL “https://outlook.office.com/owa/?path=/group/GroupName@domain.onmicrosoft.com/calendar” into the URL field
      3. Replace “GroupName” with your TEAM’s URL name
      4. Replace “domain” with your tenant name
      5. Save

      Sometimes owners will change the displayed name and it no longer matches the URL. For this to work, the Group Name must be that which is in the URL. Where can you find the TEAM’s URL name?
      1. If you’re an O365 Admin and you can view Active Groups, it’s shown there. In fact, just copy the email address shown and insert it in the URL in place of “GroupName@domain.onmicrosoft.com”.
      2. If you’re not an admin, access your TEAM via the browser (not the desktop app) and click on the title of the TEAM that appears ABOVE A CHANNEL’s CHAT conversations (the first part of the breadcrumb). Then look at the URL in the address field for the browser. You’ll see the TEAM’s name as it appears in its URL.

      Hope that helps.

    2. LisaJo says:

      The newest build of Outlook/OWA forces you to your personal calendar regardless of the URL saved via the Website tab. Is there anything that can be added to the URL to stop it from doing that?

    3. LisaJo48 says:

      This doesn’t work for groups that are created via the TEAMS app nor does it work if using the newest build of Outlook/OWA. No matter what the URL is in the Website tab, it defaults back to your personal calendar and the URL for it. The group is not listed under Groups in Outlook because TEAMS generated groups aren’t displayed in Outlook.

      Is there anything you can add to the URL containing the group email address (essentially that’s what it is…) to block it from reverting to your personal calendar’s URL?

  22. EricDeferm says:

    In our case it seems to work only from the Teams desktop application. In Teams web we receive the following message ‘This content cannot be displayed in a frame’

    1. jamessl says:

      Agreed. I created a Team last week and attempted to add the calendar as a website tab from the web app with it failing to load using Chrome and Edge showing an error that the page cannot be loaded into a frame. I clicked on the calendar tab from the Teams app, got prompted for a user+password and then it loaded.
      There appear to be lots of problems with this calendar as I’ve loaded it into Outlook as suggested elsewhere on the web and that doesn’t work either – the calendar is viewable but prompts you to request permission to edit it!
      I’m gonna try the other suggested method of creating a SharePoint calendar and see how functional that is.

  23. Hi Thomas,

    I just checked that a calender feature will be coming soon (maybe this spring?) https://microsoftteams.uservoice.com/forums/555103-public/suggestions/16933204-include-office-365-group-calendar-in-teams

    But unfortunately my team got an external Exchange Server for Mail and Calendar. Will this be possible with this feature, too? Would love to give them the possibility to see their group calender directly in Teams instead of Outlook.


  24. pkirill-vea says:

    Using the desktop app, I’m prompted to login after adding the group calendar. Then it just shows my personal calendar. I’m guessing that sometime between the original post and now, Microsoft changed something in Teams, Groups, or Outlook that broke it…

  25. AbrienneJN says:

    Thanx.. for sharing the idea .. the article was quite helpful

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