Office 365 Planned Service Changes – August 2017 Updates

A quick post announcing the recent updates to the Office 365 Planned Service Changes posts:

Hopefully this information is helpful in keeping pace and managing change in Office 365.

Please post in the comments if there is information you would like to see included in these posts, or if you have additional feedback.

Thank you,





Comments (2)

  1. Cian Allner says:

    Thanks for expanding the coverage with these posts. I think they are very useful and give customers an opportunity to plan a head, as it is quite hard to keep track of these changes on an ongoing basis from the Message center alone for example. These posts should be added to the Office 365 roadmap itself under Additional resources! I have added these resources to the Office 365 Change Management Survival Guide at by the way.

  2. My pleasure, Cian and thank you for the kind feedback and for all you do in highlighting this, and other, content from Office 365 Weekly! Awesome – by the way, I just added the O365 Change Management Survival Guide to the “Resources” list last night. 🙂

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