Quick Tip: Send weekly Message Center email to Microsoft Teams

Hopefully by now, you’ve heard of Microsoft Teams—the chat-based workspace in Office 365.  Juan Carlos González Martín, an Office Servers & Services MVP, recently posted on how to get the e-mail address of a channel in Microsoft Teams.


This sparked an idea of sending the weekly Message Center notifications email to a channel in Teams, as detailed below…


Note: I decided to create a dedicated channel, but you can certainly do this for an existing channel or even the default “General” channel for the Team.


On the Teams channel you want to receive the email, click on the ellipsis and select “Get email address”, which will open a window displaying the email address:


channel-email-light               get-email-light-01


Click the “Copy” button in the bottom right corner to copy the email address you will add in the Message Center email settings.


While you have the dialog box open, click on “Advanced settings” to verify you have the proper setting enabled for the channel to receive email:




Now that you have the email address for the Teams channel, log into the Office 365 admin center and click on “Message Center” if you have the tile on your main page or on “Health” in the left navigation pane and then “Message Center”:




Once you’re in the Message Center, click on “Edit Message Center preferences” in the top right corner, which will open a settings panel.  Make sure “Send a weekly email digest of my messages” is set to “On” and then check the box for “Other email address” and enter the Teams channel email address:




Note: If you do not see the weekly digest option for Message Center, you may need to enable First Release for at least one admin account to access the required settings.


Now, you’ll have to wait until the next weekly email is sent – for me, this has been happening on Mondays, but this may vary in your experience.


Once it does arrive, you can see the results below:




Now, you and your team can discuss these notifications and plan accordingly, all within Microsoft Teams.



Speaking of planning, you could create a plan for any actions required based on the Message Center notifications.  In the example below, I have added a tab linked to Planner for a “Message Center Actions” plan. I then created a task to submit the postponement of the SharePoint Online Public Website changes.


A brief description is included on the task card, as well as a link to the support article with more details.  In addition, I have set a label on the task – in this case, “Planned Service Change”.




Note: Right now, to get the fully synchronized experience between Planner and Teams, it is recommended to create a Team from an existing Office 365 Group. You can then add a “Planner” tab to your Teams channel and select “Use existing plan” to specify the plan you want to use.  Details and a video demo are included in the Bringing a Plan into Microsoft Teams post in the Microsoft Tech Community Planner Blog.


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  1. Vahap Timur says:

    I dont see de option “send a weekly email digest of my Message. I have enable First Release for my admin account.

    1. Hello – Did you enable First Release in an effort to get this working or has it been enabled for quite some time? I think initially tenants with less than 50 licenses weren’t included, but I don’t think that’s the case any longer.

      Are you a member of the Microsoft Tech Community? If so, please reply with your user name and I can include you in a response on a thread regarding the release of this feature to see if someone can assist.


      1. Vahap Timur says:

        Meanwhile we have 70 employees in first release group. I still do not see the choice.
        I was not a member of Microsoft Tech Community.

        1. Hi Vahap,

          Just confirming – the account you’re using to log into the portal and view Message Center options, etc. is in the First Release group, correct?

          With more than 50 licenses and set to First Release, there isn’t a reason I’m aware of why this option wouldn’t be displayed for you. I have some asks out on this specific scenario. However if this is something time sensitive, I would suggest opening a support request to have this investigated. I will respond back here if I receive any pertinent information.


          1. Hi Vahap – I did get some feedback that this feature isn’t currently available to First Release tenants where the language is set to anything other than English. Does that explain the behavior for your tenant?


  2. Vahap Timur says:

    Okay, thank you very much..
    Do you know when other languages are available?

    1. My pleasure. I’ll check and see if there’s any information that can be shared at this time.

      1. Hi Vahap,

        The following update was provided via the Office 365 Roadmap this week – Starting in August 2017, the Message Center Weekly Digest will be available in English to all admins in First Release regardless of tenant language settings, and in September 2017, the Message Center Weekly Digest will start rolling out in Standard Release. It is listed as “Message Center Weekly Digest – General Availability” in the roadmap, Feature ID 18436.

        Hope that helps,

        1. Vahap Timur says:

          Thanks for your information.

        2. Vahap Timur says:

          Thank you for your information.

  3. Dave Hall says:

    After working thru teams I received the following email address but when I enter in the Message Center I get the following:

    Invalid email: Message Center Weekly Digest – Migration team

    Is this an incorrect email address from teams?

  4. Dean Gross says:

    Do you know of any way to have specific messages from the message center forwarded like can be done with the weekly summary? I’d like to have each message forwarded to the appropriate support team based on the workload associated with the message.

    1. Hey Dean,

      I’m guessing something like this could be created using the Office 365 Service Communications API:

      It would need to be tested, but if sending a weekly summary of service-specific messages would suffice, then you can toggle on/off the services you want to see information for in the Message Center preferences. I’m thinking the weekly summary email at that point would only include information on messages posted for the customized service list. This would likely require separate accounts in order to configure the proper preferences, as well as have the email delivered to the appropriate team.


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