Microsoft Teams: Enabling and Using Guest Access

Introduction: In this blog post I will walk through how to enable guest access in Microsoft Teams, validate the guest was added to Azure Active Directory B2B, demonstrate how a guest user will access another organization’s team and what the user experience is like. Update 9/21/17: I have updated this blog post that adding the…


Microsoft Teams: Moving a Planner plan between channels

I recently (by accident) created a Planner plan in the wrong channel in Microsoft Teams (see blog post Using Planner to stay organized. When a co-worker saw the new Planner plan was created (and posted to the channel’s conversation) he corrected me and suggested it would be more appropriate to place the plan in another…


Microsoft Teams: Audit Log of Activity

Introduction: The purpose of this blog post is to describe how to use the audit log in Office 365 to understand what changes occurred in Microsoft Teams, when and by whom. For example, the date and time when a team was deleted and who deleted it. This can be extremely powerful evidence when conducting investigations….


Microsoft Teams: What happens to a terminated employee and their conversation history?

Introduction: The purpose of this blog post is to demonstrate what happens to a user’s conversation chat history in Microsoft Teams after they have been terminated from the organization and deleted from Office 365. Background: Below is a chat conversation taking place in a Microsoft Teams channel, where Adele and other team members are participating…


Microsoft Teams: Manage it using Mobile Application Management (MAM)

Introduction: The purpose of this blog post is to walk the IT administrator through how to configure Mobile Application Management (MAM) for the Microsoft Teams app. In this blog post we will cover the following MAM topics: How to assign Intune licenses to end-users. How to configure Mobile Application Management using the Intune console in…


Microsoft Teams: Using Planner to stay organized

Introduction: In this blog post I will discuss how to use the Microsoft Planner integration within Microsoft Teams to ensure your team (and yourself) is organized, on-task and above all else – streamline collaboration around a project. You can use these examples in your organization to help your employees learn and understand how they can…


Reduce Email with Microsoft Teams (how and why to do it)

Introduction: The purpose of this post is to walk you through how to send an email to a channel in Microsoft Teams and why you would want to do so. One of the many interesting features of Microsoft Teams is the capability to send an email to the team channel, and have the contents of…


Integrate/Connect Google Analytics with Microsoft Teams

Introduction: The purpose of this post is to demonstrate how to integrate/connect Google Analytics with Microsoft Teams using a Connector. Do you run a website, a blog, YouTube channel or any type of internet property? Chances are you already use Google Analytics to monitor the traffic to your site for visibility into page views, user…


Experience Microsoft Teams thru an Interactive Demo

Introduction: This blog post will walk you through using a new tool as a unique and easy way to not only experience Microsoft Teams but to also enable you to give successful demos of Microsoft Teams to your team, customer, or organization. Time: 5-10 minutes The name of the tool is Microsoft Teams Interactive Demo…


Participating in product feedback loops, and understanding roadmaps

Introduction: The purpose of this post is to help you understand how you can provide feedback to Microsoft on products and services and participate in the feedback loop. Feedback is extremely important when developing software, without it the developer will not know if what he/she is building will actually meet the needs of their target…