Microsoft Teams in Education: Impacting our future

Growing up, I was not the best student and was always unorganized and ill prepared. Looking back, if only I had the type of technology and resources that are available for today’s learners. One of these tools is Microsoft Teams and Office 365. Microsoft Teams is thriving in the business space and quickly becoming a…


The new culture of work

I wrote about how I invest in my career and one of the strategies is watching the Modern Workplace video series produced by Microsoft. I recently watched an episode titled Global Workforce: The new culture of work that I felt was really worth sharing with my readers and fellow peers in IT. In this blog…


How I Invest in My Career: Modern Workplace

Staying relevant in a sea of constant change is a challenge that as an IT professional I face every day. The technology industry is constantly evolving and changing around me and requires that I keep my skills evergreen and my mind open. If I don’t, I may find myself without a chair when the music…


Guest Activity Notification in Microsoft Teams

Guest Access in Microsoft Teams allows people from outside your organization to seamlessly collaborate with you in the same team in Microsoft Teams as if they were an employee. For guests this could be contractors, vendors, customers, etc. Those guests may be a guest member to many teams outside of their organization – so how…


Microsoft Teams: Sorry, I was talking on mute.

Have you been in a virtual meeting and you started talking, but wondered why no one was answering you, and the call kept going with you unacknowledged? Well, I feel your pain, it happens to me all the time too. It’s called talking on mute, where the microphone is muted yet I did not realize…


Wait, Don’t Click Send Yet! (Considering the Impact of Email)

We have all been there. Inundated with email throughout the day, our inboxes can range from having dozens to hundreds to thousands of unread messages in them – and it never seems to stop. During the day with back to back meetings, collaborating with others, travel, etc it can be difficult to check and respond…


Microsoft Teams: PowerShell Support

As an IT Professional, I am always looking for ways to automate tasks and make daily operations simple. When it comes to Microsoft Teams, being able to automate the creation of teams, channels, and settings within a team is critical to the success of Microsoft Teams within an organization. PowerShell support for Microsoft Teams allows…


Microsoft Teams: Use an Existing SharePoint Library

H Have you had a need to connect an existing SharePoint file repository to a team in Microsoft Teams? Perhaps you have a legacy SharePoint document library that has been in use for years, and stores many files valuable to the organization. I’d like to explore with you how to connect that existing document library…


Intelligent Communications: Where to learn more

If you are looking to learn more about Intelligent Communications, I gathered some great resources below that can aid in your learning and will be adding to it over time. Enjoy! Resources: Intelligent Communications Announcement Frequently Asked Questions Skype and Teams Intelligent Communications for Partners Skype Operations Framework Evolution Intelligent Communications Keynote at Microsoft Ignite


Microsoft Teams Product Roadmap (Oct 2017)

Today, October 24th 2017, the product roadmap for Microsoft Teams was released via the Microsoft Technical Community (original blog post here). A link to the roadmap can be found here and reflects Microsoft’s current expectations about Skype for Business capabilities coming to Teams. Note that dates and individual features may change and should not be…