Microsoft Teams: Security & Compliance

Microsoft Teams is the hot topic on the streets these days with everyone from small business to large enterprise using it or in the process of deploying it. No doubt it is instrumental in driving digital transformation and changing workplace culture, and in return, modernizing the workplace. But, what about security and compliance? Let’s play…


Block OneDrive Downloads and Audit OneDrive Activity! (SharePoint too!)

Do you have a business requirement to block the download of specific files or file types from OneDrive? What about detailed auditing to understand what files are downloaded or viewed? Well, today is your lucky day – because this is all possible with Microsoft security technology and takes minutes to create. I’m going to walk…


Intune: Upgrade Windows Pro to Enterprise AUTOMATICALLY!

Do you have a bunch of Windows 10 Pro devices and would like upgrade them to Windows 10 Enterprise? Microsoft 365 (specifically Microsoft Intune) can help you! Note: For more information please reference Deploy Windows 10 Enterprise licenses. The following is an example on how to do this with Intune (assuming appropriate licenses have been…


Ignite 2018: Matt’s list of recommended sessions

Microsoft Ignite 2018 is right around the corner, September 24 – 28 in Orlando Florida. While there are over 1591 sessions, I wanted to share with you the list of sessions that I will either be attending in-person or watching the on-demand version later when I get home. Please feel free to use this list…


Monitor & protect your data in ALL your clouds, NOW!

Think your organization is operating in a secure and compliant manner? After you answer the following questions, you might want to keep reading… How do you ensure your sensitive data is protected across all the clouds in your environment, whether it’s Office 365/G-Suite/Box/SalesForce/etc? Do you have a single pane of glass view of when someone…


Preventing a data breach, avoiding the news, and keeping your job

With my dog on one side, my green tea on the end table and my tablet in hand, I sift through my Bing news feed on keywords “Cyber Security” as I do every Sunday morning. I come across a few articles that talk about how a company has been breached and tons of intellectual property…


Video: Do you know the Microsoft Security Story?

Do you know the Microsoft security story? Watch the video below as I present how Microsoft can help protect your ever expanding digital estate through cyber security for your digital transformation. In the video I discuss the following topics (click to learn more): Intelligent Security Graph Data Center Security Cyber Defense Operations Center Digital Crimes…


MFA: Don’t worry, your phone number won’t be published!

What happens if your identity is stolen and an attacker uses those credentials (username/password), to login to your business application or email? What if you are a domain administrator in Active Directory or a Global Administrator in Office 365? They have keys to the kingdom, access to sensitive intellectual property, and can do some real…


Azure Active Directory Resources

One of the new trends in modern IT is consolidating your footprint of on-premises services you provide to the organization. For many organizations, moving those workloads to the cloud or leveraging existing cloud based services for a workload you used to do on-premises can save costs, and cut complexity out of your IT operational portfolio….