Ignite 2018: Matt’s list of recommended sessions

Microsoft Ignite 2018 is right around the corner, September 24 – 28 in Orlando Florida. While there are over 1591 sessions, I wanted to share with you the list of sessions that I will either be attending in-person or watching the on-demand version later when I get home. Please feel free to use this list to help create your personal schedule, or on-demand viewing list later. Also, be sure to follow me on Twitter @SosemanMatt and LinkedIn for updates while at Ignite. Here's my recommendations from Ignite 2017 Enjoy!

Tip: Every year I spend ~200 hours watching Ignite sessions while running on the treadmill every evening or on an early Saturday morning to ensure I stay up to speed and keep my skills sharp. These sessions are addicting, and fun! They inspire me to go out and learn more, lab up a scenario, and gives me great stories to share with my peers, customers and partners.Click each session to be taken directly to that session's page on the Microsoft Ignite website.

My Session: BRK3135 - Learn more about security and compliance for Microsoft Teams (Also working the Microsoft Secure Score booth throughout the week, come see me and connect!)

Must See:

THR2303 - How to Shift: Modern Desktop Deployment with Brad Anderson

GS008 - Microsoft security: How the cloud helps us all be more secure

GS006 - Modern teamwork: Transform collaboration and communications with Microsoft 365

GS004 - Simplify your IT management and level up with Microsoft 365

BRK3221 - Combat advanced cyber attacks with Microsoft Cloud App Security

BRK2158 - Elevate the security for all your cloud apps and services with the Microsoft CASB - Cloud App Security

KEY04 - Transform your workplace with Microsoft 365

BRK2295 - Sprint's Microsoft 365 deployment acceleration strategies

BRK3401 - Azure Active Directory security insights with Conditional Access, Identity Protection, and reporting

BRK2468 - Security for your digital transformation

Office 365

BRK2102 - Better teamwork, together: SharePoint and OneDrive integration with Microsoft Teams

BRK2094 - The future of Yammer: Vision and roadmap

BRK2070 - New in Microsoft 365: Leadership engagement featuring live events

BRK2077 - Workplace Analytics & MyAnalytics: A review of data privacy and GDPR compliance

BRK2160 - The time for Teams: Scenarios to realize the value of Microsoft Teams

BRK2143 - Improving Health Team Collaboration using Microsoft Teams

BRK2140 - Accelerating GDPR compliance with Microsoft 365

BRK3398 - Best practices for a successful Video and Voice deployment on Microsoft Teams

BRK2440 - Citrix and Microsoft: Driving the future of work in the modern workplace, today!

BRK1059 - Enabling Firstline Workers with Microsoft Teams

BRK2393 - Get more done with Planner!

BRK2164 - The best (Outlook driven) day of your life

BRK2004 - The future of threat protection: Become efficient, cost effective, and more secure with Office 365 Threat Intelligence

BRK4002 - Securing your Office 365 environment from advanced phishing campaigns with Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection

Enterprise Mobility + Security

BRK3272 - Authentication and passwords: The good, the bad, and the really ugly!

BRK3401 - Azure Active Directory security insights with Conditional Access, Identity Protection, and reporting

BRK3285 - Deep dive into evolution of Windows app management with Intune

BRK3006 - Defend against mobile threats and increase user productivity with Intune-managed Edge browser

BRK2018 - Efficiently manage security with Microsoft

BRK3241 - Enable Azure Active Directory Conditional Access to secure user access while unlocking productivity across Microsoft 365

BRK2157 - Ensure comprehensive identity protection with Microsoft 365

BRK2157 - Ensure comprehensive identity protection with Microsoft 365

BRK3029 - Lessons from the field: protecting corporate data on any device with Microsoft Intune

BRK3103 - Manage and secure iOS and MacOS devices and apps with Microsoft Intune

BRK3117 - SecOps and incident response with Azure Advanced Threat Protection: Protect, detect, and respond

BRK4001 - Secure enterprise productivity with Office 365 threat protection services including EOP, ATP, and Threat Intelligence

Windows 10 Enterprise

BRK3018 - Deploying Windows 10 in the enterprise using traditional and modern techniques

BRK3038 - Windows 10 in S mode: Why you should care and how it works

BRK3039 - Windows 10 and Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus lifecycle and servicing update

BRK3017 - What's new in Windows 10 mobile device management (MDM)

BRK3211 - Ask the experts: Successfully deploying, servicing, and managing Windows 10

BRK2420 - Beat the Windows 10 deployment clock

BRK3019 - Delivery Optimization deep dive: How to reduce internet bandwidth impact on your network

BRK3014 - Modern deployment with Windows Autopilot and Microsoft 365 (Part 1 of 2)

BRK3015 - Modern deployment with Windows Autopilot and Microsoft 365 (Part 2 of 2)

BRK2002 - Modern desktop deployment and management with Microsoft 365

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